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About Us

Who we are:

We are a group of like minded individuals who have come together and discovered our inner strength. We push each other and support one another. Our goals may vary but within these walls all our strength is born.

The CrossFit Above All experience is dear to us all!!

At CrossFit Above All you can expect to be greeted with an unsurpassed CrossFit experience. We believe that the foundations of fitness and true results will come to you with time and dedication. We provide the atmosphere that will have you captivated by CrossFit and hooked on the process. We pride ourselves on the high number of people we have guided to reach their ultimate fitness dreams.

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a highly addictive exercise program that people actually enjoy and crave. Even new people become hooked from the very beginning. This style of exercise is the first choice for military, police and fire departments. It is also the best choice for the rest of us who just want to move better and live healthier active lifestyles. When you follow the entire program and eat the way we eat and workout the way we work out your body fat will drop and your muscles will get hard. CrossFit is the number one method of working on all your fitness goals. Once you start you will never want to join a regular gym again.

About the Community

CrossFit isn’t just a way of working out, it’s a lifestyle. We call ourselves CrossFit Above All because we put this lifestyle above all else. We are a community, a team, a support system and accountability. Our lifestyle is putting our health and wellness first, we eat healthy and work hard on our fitness. We meet up at the box to sweat together, high five each other, turn up the music and forget the stresses of life outside the box. We are a group of people in full control of our health and fitness, we want you to be a part of it all.

Is Crossfit Right For You?

Yes if, you want to work hard and meet you goals head on. If being part of a supportive community that will push you and support you to achieve your goals is something that you want.

Yes, if you think sweat, loud music and high fives are cool!!

Yes, if you have tried the gym, tried personal training and haven’t gotten the coaching and guidance you need to be successful.

Why Crossfit Above All?

CrossFit Above All is led by a truly inspiring and motivational person who understands the needs of clients of all levels. All our members receive personal attention and guidance to help them reach their unique fitness goals. Our aim is to provide you with a Personal Training experience.

Meet our team

  • Curtis Laughren
    Curtis LaughrenHead Coach Curtis has been a Personal Trainer and Coach in Calgary for over ten years. Curtis' education and experience enables him to lead the CrossFit Above All team with passion and competency. He believes a Coach should be both educational and entertaining, Curtis will capture your attention and have you motivated to come back for work out after workout. He makes fitness fun while providing a world class coaching experience. "I CrossFit because I love the challenge, I coach because I want to make a difference."
  • Carlo Macapinlac
    Carlo MacapinlacCoachCarlo comes to us from within the Above All family. He has been part of our box since the beginning and is a true believer in the Above All Way. Carlo not only believes in the process but follows it, he is a master of CrossFit gymnastics and weightlifting. Carlo adds charisma and energy to the Above All team, his classes are always fun with knowledge bombs being dropped on the attendees.