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Your hands, your heart and your head


How often do people say to listen to your heart over your head or your gut over your heart or you head over gut? In difficult situations where you can’t see which way is up or down, left or right we are often told to listen to various body parts. I am a believer of listening to your heart. Although it has gotten me into trouble in the past, my heart is the defender of love and is the grand optimist. What or who else do we listen to? Sometimes we hear advice from our family that we take into consideration, we fumble around with it in our heads and then there are the people that if they tell you to do something – you do it. Obviously this is in regards to life decisions or decisions impacting the happiness of your soul, not decisions whether or not to do the dishes or clean your car. For myself my godmother is the vault of life’s wisdom, along with my Father (depending on the situation). For example, I can remember vividly going to Vegas for the first time and my Dad driving me and my two girlfriends to the airport at about 4:00am and my Dad asks us “girls, what are guys up to in Vegas?” … “What Gord?”… “No good girls, absolutely no good.” Thus, wisdom is dependent upon destination. My Mother was very simple it always came down to if things were worth having they were worth fighting for and to constantly seek positivity in every situation. Plain and simple; if something makes you happy no matter how hard or how easy do it. Live in the moments that make you beam with light and show all your teeth.

I’ve come to the conclusion every encounter with advice is served with listening to your gut, your head or your heart. However, when it comes to listening in Crossfit you are to listen to your coach and most importantly the bar. How many times have we done something we thought we were incapable of until Curtis said, “just do it now” and voila a PR is born. Curtis once told me in times of stress or fear our body initiates a fight or flight response, basically when we’re scared we can either run or fight. After looking at Curtis with wide eyes and tired shoulders, he said to me, “it’s a easy as this, either you run away or you stay, confront your fears and fight!” I don’t ever believe this quote is only applicable to Crossfit; we are in constant fight for the things we want. I am in a constant fight with my alarm every single morning because I want more sleep… stupid work. Regardless my point being if Curtis says fight, you fight. The second thing I believe we need to listen to more of is the bar. To be honest with you I never thought to ever listen to the barbell. Some days I feel the barbell and I are at war against each other (watch some of Cody Luu’s videos on instagram and you’ll understand), maybe because it knows I’m not listening to it. Its like double unders, don’t ever let them know you’re frustrated because those whips will get you again and again. I think there’s a point, especially in weight training, when you have to let your mind go and let your body and the barbell move together in symmetry. Let your body follow the bar and if you can’t seem to listen quite contently with the bar make sure you drive your hips, because in life the best things always happen from violent hip drives…am I right?! Anyways I like the concept of listening to the bar. When it comes to lifting, the bar follows a path, let it go along to its destination to be found in a perfectly timed catch.

Listening is one of those concepts that I never really think hard on because it seems too simple. Simple in thought, not so simple in life. How many decisions do we make in a day, and whom do we listen to? Or what do we listen to? Conversations, relationships, even personal records are built on listening. Listen to others and let them be impactful in your life. Listen to your surroundings to create your beautiful life.

So I’ve established that we can listen to our head, heart, and the barbell and of course our coaches. But why is the word “hands” in the title you ask? Why let me tell you! The concept “head, hands and heart” was given to me by one of my dearest friends Rochelle aka Summer, but I wish I could take credit it for it! I want to leave you with this last thought from her, which can be applied to everything we are passionate about and anything we love.

Your head, it has to be in it. Have you ever had the days when you’re checked out, go to do a lift in CFAA and completely walk out of your mind? Your head has to be in the zone, your mind has to be present. As soon we start thinking, no or we can’t, we lose our edge. Without our mind present, involved and living within the moment we can’t do shit.

Your hands, some days there may be no greater feeling then reaching down and wrapping your hands around the barbell. Next time you squat down, take a breath and go for a heavy lift, I want you to think about the feeling of the steal against your skin and create a connection. There’s a song titled Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky that I have loved for years. Your hand in mine, its connection it’s a bond, it’s a closeness to be shared between you and someone you love or in this case a barbell we all know and have come to love.

Now most importantly, your heart the most important part because it’s what brings you back each day. How many of us have been asked, “Why do you do Crossfit?” Simple, I love it. If you don’t have at least of tiny bit of love for Crossfit you wouldn’t endure the hardship that it demands day in and day out. I don’t know about you but Crossfit got a hold of my soul, my bones and my heart. I fell for Crossfit like I’ve fallen out of a pub…hard. In one of my previous blogs I’ve said to dwell close to the ground. When you’re present in a place, head, heart and hands and it’s a place you love it keeps you grounded. It pulls you to connect yourself with purpose, it answers the questions to why and it wraps you in the blanket of unparalleled and consuming love. If you ever see me in CFAA I am at some point lying on the ground. 90 per cent because I’ve just endured an ass kicking but the other 10 per cent is because I dwell close to the ground in CFAA as its part of my home. And in places that are home, dwelling close to the ground makes us appreciate and realize the greater things in life and the true meaning of happiness. I encourage you the next time you’re in your home, wherever that may be, lay on the floor and see what happens, maybe nothing and maybe something.



“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love you invest your life. Awake my soul.” – Mumford & Sons.

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