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Understanding CrossFit Above All Programming


The CrossFit Above All Program

We work hard to deliver a program that is superior to the mainstream CrossFit program. This may cause you confusion when you read the posts and lack clarity as to what you should be doing or are allowed to do at the box. Simply, if we post it you can do it. I’ll break it all down for you here.

We offer Class programming, this is done as a group during class times. One of our energetic coaches will start the class with a whiteboard discussion to discuss in detail the work and the warm up. This whiteboard discussion is the right time for you to ask any questions regarding scaling the wod to suit your needs and to learn how to effectively pace or attack the wod to maximize your performance.
Further, the class wod is designed as a complete program by itself. We will find here a balance between strength training, metabolic pathway development and skills work. This is all you ever need and don’t feel we are pressuring you to do more than this.

But!! If you want more, we have a lot more!!

Extra work is posted daily, you are welcome to do this at any time on any day, it does not have to be done the exact day it is posted but… For the best flow and balance between muscle groups, skills and strength, and to avoid over training muscles doing this on the day it is posted will deliver an optimal program. By doing the extra work you will progress twice as fast, promise!

The Extra program consists of Monday and Wednesday as squat program, gymnastics, and base strength. We add a  little extra conditioning leading into the Open.
Tuesday and Thursday is all Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean and Jerk), because we love Weightlifting!!
Friday you will get a soul crushing Conditioning wod guaranteed to leave you posting sweat angel instagrams and sweaty faced snap chats.
As I stated earlier you can do the extra work anytime on any day, its just best done on the day it is posted.

If you are not yet competent at Weightlifting, we have Weightlifting classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You do not need to be elite to attend you just need the desire to learn how to lift like an Animal and slam bars like a Beast. Check the website schedule for class times.

Valhalla Weightlifting programming is available to you at an extra cost this provides you with programming necessary to develop yourself into a competitive weightlifter or just allows you to weightlift everyday, because not everybody loves CrossFit. You will receive video coach analysis from Josh Diesel through whatsapp and the opportunity to go lift at Valhalla once each week.

Lastly we have a competitive program for people who want nothing more than to compete at CrossFit at a high level and are willing to sacrifice social life, hobbies, time. The people on the Regionals program will not have time to go out with friends, they can not consume alcohol, they need to sleep 8+ hours a night and they need to dial in their nutrition and consume mass amounts of carbs. The program takes about 3-4 hours per day. We do not want people on this program, it is too much and most people can not get much out of it due to lack of time to spend performing the workouts.

Communication between you and the coach is of the utmost importance. Come in often, talk to the coach about how best to approach the workout. Train hard and intense, eat clean healthy food. Fall in love with training and never compare yourself to others. Just come and train your heart out!! The Above All Way is to be kind to everyone at the box, uplift the people around you, train hard and appreciate effort.

Nobody cares what you do, we only care to see the effort you put in!!

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