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The good


Thanksgiving; giving thanks, something I don’t do enough of. We create these lives and never take the time to thank the people around us who helped us along the way. This is my thank you. If you are reading these words of mine, thank you. If you sweat with me at CrossFit Above All, thank you. If you have done assignments with me, thank you. If you have drunk wine and shared your secrets with me, thank you. For anyone that puts up with me on a daily basis (Bianca Mancuso especially) thank you.

I read this unbelievably beautiful quote the other day it said, “the trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.” As we spend this weekend giving thanks we appreciate everything around us, the things that really matter. Everything else that isn’t in those thoughts can be let go of. I think we often find ourselves taking on too much. Perhaps its because we think we’ll get ahead or benefit more when we have multiple sources of income, connections or projects. Maybe its time to find the one we are most thankful for and let go of the things that make us miserable. Things that disturb the harmony of our lives let them go. The disturbers of our harmony, the anxiety makers, the mood spoilers; let it all go.

I think quite often we are afraid what will happen to us if we aren’t so busy we want to cry. What will I do with my time? How will I fill my day? Things enter our lives for a reason and they most definitely leave for a reason. Whether those reasons are good or bad they create opportunity for something more. It’s especially nice when we least expect it or were blind-sided and never saw the good coming. I love being surprised by the good, especially when it’s your hot neighbor bringing you free beer for example. Keep a look out for the good; find the good in people or your surroundings. I look around during wods at CFAA and I’m overwhelmed by the thought of how much good this box does for people. When we recognize the good innately as human beings we want to show the appreciation back. When the community steps up showing their recognition of the impact and overall gratitude its remarkably a beautiful thing. How we go about showing the love and giving thanks for the people, the possessions and the beauty in our lives are moments we get to look back on with happiness in our hearts.

I will leave you with this last thought before I go stuff myself with turkey and turn my blood into wine. I always found it interesting when people would leave jobs or let go of the things that made them the happiest. To my discovery you are supposed to leave when its good, why is that? I thought we were supposed to hang out to them, cherish them and keep them close. Perhaps leave when it’s good so you don’t remember it as bad.

On this Thanksgiving long weekend let us thank the people around us for all the good.




“Keep your hands warm and your hearts happy.” – the quote that is on every coffee mug

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