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The company you keep


I find September to be the month of new perspectives, new thoughts and even a new focus. Maybe its because summers ending, the leaves are going from green to orange and crunching underneath your feet and the sun no longer is waking us up in the morning. September leaves new impressions on my mind. Even the same things we look at or talk about day in and day out I look at differently, I think about them differently. Take CrossFit, or exercise in general, for example. We workout everyday we challenge ourselves everyday, we sweat every damn day and September rolls around and I want more. I crave more from myself, I think to myself I’m ready now and for some reason which I still don’t know the answer to September makes me believe that I am capable of doing so. Bettering ourselves is in our nature, wanting to be better has become engrained in us and we keep reaching for more stars in our universe.

What is it that changes our perspective? What is it that changes the way look at something? Is it the people that we cross paths with, different scenery or an adjustment in where we focus our thoughts? I had a realization the other day since moving out of my Fathers house the life we know, sometimes hate sometimes love, any new person is going to see it entirely different than you. Things we see as negative others may see as positive, its possible our negativity is exactly what someone else is looking for because they don’t see what you look at as undesirable. Is it only when someone looks into your life we are able to step back and appreciate what we have built? Despite the hardships, despite whatever disturbs our harmony taking a look at who occupies your lovely life might be the only perspective you need. Like my pal Ferris Bueller once said, “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once and while you might miss it.”

As we head into September with new goals, attitudes and perspectives I might be so inclined as to say before you take two steps forward take half a step back and appreciate those who are going to be there as you take steps three, four and five. It’s a beautiful thing to look at what you’ve built your life around and continue to understand how those choices not only affect you but the company you keep.

I find the company we keep very interesting because we choose who we want to be around us – to some extent. Obviously there are people we can’t choose like our family, co-workers, bosses etc. but we can choose whom we decide to share intimate moments with. I’ve heard when people apply to the police academy they not only go through grueling interviews but so do their closest friends. The police academy wants to know who they surround themselves with, who they deem their best friends and why. They want to know who their crew is. I love that word when referring to your friends “crew”. Who’s your crew? Who do you bring into your life to support you, make you laugh, make you think, make you better? I couldn’t love the people in my life more. My crew is wonderful, hilarious and absolutely out of their minds – they’re a handful as I described to someone but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pressing forwards into September, a new school year and more sweaty CrossFit wods, I am in search of not beautiful items but I am in search of wonderful memories, people and experiences to drown my life in happy tears. I hope you are too. Appreciate those who occupy your time, your mind and don’t let them ever go out of focus.


“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.” Dalai Lama

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