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Human Spirit is Contagious


As my roommate likes to say, “if I can speak candidly for a second,” I would just like to take a moment to express my eternal admiration for the spirit of human kindness shown through the community at CrossFit Above All. Once again I am truly moved by how people pulled time, efforts and finances together to make CrossFit Above All shine more brightly than before. Curtis sparks a fire in every one of us and everyday he is at the box pursuing his dreams; fighting the good fight. Watching Curtis flourish in his environment through ups and downs is a remarkable thing. Being so bold as to open his own box is one thing but to change the lives of those whom walk into it is another. My Father had the pleasure of sitting down with Curtis for an article he was writing and when I spoke with him after his first words were, “Curtis is one smart guy,” and I couldn’t agree more. Without a doubt in my mind Curtis is bound for great and wonderful things. It only makes sense to create an even more inspiring atmosphere to promote positivity, growth and the strength to go after the things that scare us the most.

CrossFit Above All is so dear to my heart and is a place when I think too hard about what it has done for me makes me cry. To know other people in the community feel the same way I do warms my heart and truly uplifts my soul. I take comfort in the fact that not only are we bettering our bodies every day but also we are bettering our spirits. To know there are people in this world and right in our very own box that are willing to act so daringly to bring more joy, more inspiration and more beautiful light to a place we all call home is astonishing. It took my breath away when I walked into CrossFit Above All for the first time after most of the renovations were done. Jolaine West the way you spearheaded this project was unreal. My words escape me as I try and describe the feeling I had when I saw what you had accomplished and how you ignited a fire within the community to come and help. All I can say is that is a beautiful thing.

It’s extraordinary when the human spirit illuminates so bright it’s contagious. Contagious, that’s what the human spirit is, it spreads from person to person and we feel what each other feel. As humans often do we only reveal what we want others to know and perhaps that’s where the contagiousness is birthed. If we see others or know of others doing “the good” and professing their love for what makes them whole more and more we will want to do it too. Passions are contagious; watching someone talk about his or her passions is what makes me want to pursue writing or photography; as if to say ‘if you can do it, I can do it.’ I’m beginning to realize nothing we want is truly out of reach. My goal in life, although it might be fleeting, is to create. Part of why I write is to create words, create inspiration, to create relief. We all have motives, we all have a bottom line of why we do the things we do, and it’s when we love them that allows that love to be contagious. Curtis’s love for CFAA is contagious. Part of me thinks that’s why we come back every day because we need to feel and believe the things we want are possible.

It goes without saying the nature of the human spirit is what excites us, things that may have seemed out of reach are now within grasp and what never seemed like an option is suddenly bouncing around in your mind tantalizing you to reach for more. The human spirit is contagious in the sense that it can bleed into other people’s lives; it’s a snowball effect and we can get ahead of ourselves without even taking a second to look back. I am not a believer of looking back, only forward; we have to always keep moving forward because as much as I hope to believe, there is no such thing as time travel. Life is a made up of a series of moments and choices and those choices can alter the course of action not only for yourself but those whom surround you. It floors me when the human spirit surprises me. That we can go through our days thinking nothing different, a slew of days if you will, of consistency or normalcy and in a moment or in a day can change. A part of me wants to believe the human spirit drives the moments of least expectancy because its what fuels the pursuit for something greater or something more. Do you think we will ever stop looking for something more, perhaps a topic for another day.

I don’t believe human spirit is limited to only helping others the contagiousness can come from anywhere, any level. I think about when I first talked about a CrossFit workout, or when I was falling madly in love with the sport, I couldn’t stop. My love for CrossFit gushed out of me as I pursued my love affair. I love hearing about people’s passions. I love watching his or her face light up when they talk about what motivates them; what his or her true motives are. I read an excerpt in book ‘Sick in the head’ and the author speaks about fulfilling his life with the need to create. As if to say life is nothing without the quest of creation. If that’s true the contagiousness of the human spirit will never stop, the top will never stop spinning and the light in our lives will never go dim.

“We define ourselves by the best that is in us, not the worst that has been done to us.” – Edward Lewis

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