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Home is where the box is


What’s the longest you have ever been away from home? Not including moving out of your parents house and frequently coming home every Sunday so they would feed you. I’m talking long extensive periods of being away from home. Have you ever felt the yearning or the grief of wanting to be home but you can’t. Or felt the nostalgia when thinking about memories of home? Hiraeth, is a welsh word that has no direct English translation, but is known to be the concept of longing, a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return. I have never been away from home for longer than a month, however I’m sure we can all relate to the feeling of missing home, that home-sick feeling or the feelings of hiraeth. Missing the sounds, the smells and the warmth, everything that makes up the comforts of home.

The beauty of a home is it doesn’t just have to be the house you grew up in, or the place you have lived. The beauty of a home is the feeling it gives you. Ever walk into a place and think, it feels good to be home. I have three homes, my parent’s home, my family cottage and Crossfit Above All. As Nadia and Bianca have both said, CFAA is our home away from home. Walking into CFAA some days is like getting a big hug. You can sigh a breath of relief because you’re comforted by the thought that for at least one hour all the worries of your day are left outside. As soon as the door closes behind you you’re safe, you’re home. All the stresses of your life will be sweated out or aggressively worked out as the barbell slams against the floor. I swear there may be no greater feeling then being able to drop 95lbs from over head when you’re mad dog mad.

Building a home is not necessarily building four walls and a roof; it’s the people inside who you share it with that create a home. Like, Miss. Emily Potter said, “it’s seeing you crazy people everyday.” Those crazy people who when they’re done a wod just want to sit around and talk about how hard it was. Make all the jokes you want non-crossfitters but I love talking about crossfit, especially when the person next to me likes talking about it more. If I were Sancia Toth and I did my first pull-up on February 16, 2015 sometime around 1:30 p.m. you bet your ass I would be talking about it. I would be telling the check out guy at Sobeys about it and then high-fiving him after and then maybe asking him for his number… no? Just me?

Regardless of crossfit being a good workout and pushing you to your limits sometimes it’s the people who always bring you back, it is for Chelsey Mehls. “It’s the people that make up this box that make me want to come back again and again,” said Chelsey. “You’re never going to find community in a big global gym. Feeding off of the energy this community at CFAA exudes fuels my engine and keeps me going, especially on the days when I don’t want to.” There’s the family you are born into and there’s the family you make for yourself. Like miss Chelsey said, crossfit is about the people. The people that make up this crossfit family, where James Hunter is everyone’s big, yet obnoxious, older brother and you can walk in, drop you’re stuff off and just be yourself.

Some people are in search of beautiful possessions, wanting to see beautiful places or experience beautiful things. However, it’s what you make of it that makes something beautiful. Look around in CFAA; it basically looks like an over-sized garage. But fill it with amazing people, good wholesome spirits, a whole lot of sweat and probably some of Stephanie William’s tears and it’s one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.

I’ll leave you with this last thought, when you’re in your home dwell close to the ground. Our homes, no matter where they may be, are there to keep us grounded and to remind ourselves what’s important.


Don’t watch the clock, do what it does. Keep going. – Sam Levenson

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