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Have I told you lately?


Warning: this blog has nothing to do with Crossfit and it’s a sappy blog about love and all its forms. It was raining the day I was writing maybe that’s why? Enjoy! In the words of Carlo, “k thanks bye!”

I watched a documentary recently about different foods in Miami. One of the people interviewed was Iggy Pop, an old musician renowned for being one of the godfathers of punk rock. Pop, was asked about what still thrilled him after his years spent destroying hotel rooms and smashing guitars. Amongst all his worldly possessions, all his items of grandeur, what could Mr. Pop still acquire in life to give him the flutter of anticipation in his finger tips or the stutter of excitement in his breath. Pop’s answer was one so simple, so refreshing and completely true, he said the love from others. Not the thrill from extravagant cars, fancy clothes or experiences, just love, only love. The love from others I thought, what a concept sometimes so over looked, so passed by, so swept under the rug maybe we wouldn’t even notice it even if someone said “I love you” right to our face. Could you imagine some just slapping you in the face and saying, “I love you damnit!” then maybe we would get it. Personally, I keep the people I love in my life very close. They are kept close to my heart, close to my life and I have difficulties letting people go. If someone comes into my life in a big way I always want him or her to stay. My dearest of friends are considered pieces of my family and make up the love I feel, and now I want to say thrilled by in my daily life.

Love, for me, is very sacred, it’s fragile, it can be fleeting, it can be dismissive but it can be the best feeling or the most beautiful of memories. Love, so delicate in thought and yet so grand in gestures. Love is what triumphs over all, it’s what saves us from our darkened days and it’s what can only conquer all in the end. Right? I guess too most people the concept of love is always up for debate. However, amidst my opinions on love I still found it incredible that Iggy Pop was thrilled by the love he receives from others or from anyone who would give love to him. Maybe he was thrilled anyone loved him at all? Do you ever think that, how could anyone even love me? Those days of utter craziness when you’re just losing it and someone maybe your husband, girlfriend, best friend or sibling can tolerate you and still at the end of the day love you. Maybe that’s the thrill that someone can love you at all, it’s the perfect combination of sorrow and beauty. The thrill of acting or being what ever you want or “having the feels for someone” as the 20 year olds in my class at MRU say, and being loved anyway. It makes me think maybe this world; this life isn’t so complicated after all. Give a little love, take a little love and accept a little love. It doesn’t have to be deep intimate love it can just even be those warm and fuzzies when you see your grandmother or your best friends or a high school sweetheart. I think we forget love can be all shades, maybe even 50… if you’re lucky, am I right?!

On the other side however for some people love can be so terrifying. Telling someone intimately you love him or her can cause more anxiety than open-heart surgery. Do you remember the first time you ever told someone you loved them? I can remember the rush, my breath being lost, feeling like I just ran a marathon I couldn’t get the words out fast enough. I’ve only ever told someone I loved them when I knew it would be reciprocated. I’ve never been so bold as to just say, “I love you” when I didn’t know what the response back would be. Sometimes I think I should be. I know there’s a lot of risk, once you say it you can never go back, but at the end of the day who doesn’t like a little love. I always enjoyed the saying, “if it wasn’t love, it was something like it.” Just the idea of love, or that love could possibly exist or be fabricated. Knowing love was at least in the cards or the next street over could be comforting, maybe even be thrilling.

I like to think I’m an eternal optimist, a lover of love. I do have a heart tattoo on my wrist… then again it was in drunken debauchery that that happened, whoops. Regardless I don’t ever want to give up on love. My mother always used to say you had to like someone, truly like the person for who and what they are in their core and love will always follow and always conquer all. She would say, even if I met your father today as the person he is and if I had never met him I would still like him. Which in actuality is quite a bold statement because my father can be a handful.

One of my ultimate favourite songs is, Have I Told You, sung by Van Morrison. “Have I told you lately that I love you,” he sings, I can’t help but think we just don’t say it enough. Even if it’s to your partner or to your best friend, when was the last time you told them you loved them? “Fill my heart with gladness,” I love that word gladness. Don’t you just see or hear the word “gladness” and just smile like a loser. Reading this blog just smiling, running to tell someone you love him or her… well that’s my hope for it anyway.



“I love you always.” Wilma Smiley

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