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Gymnastics programming for the week of July 27 2015



A. Find 1RM Strict Chin-up

B. 7 x 3-5 Assisted Strict Pull-ups

C. 10 x 5 Diamond Push-ups
0:30’s Chest Facing wall Handstand

Rest 90-180’s

D. 10 x 4 Around the worlds

A. Find 1RM Strict Chin-up

B. 4 x 20 Hollow rocks
10 Straight leg toes to bar
6 Around the worlds
20 Arch Rocks


A. 4x 10 Band simulated Bar muscle-ups

B. 4 x 7 Straight ARM Jumping bar Muscle-up
each set raise the training bar

C. Find Max Reps Strict Dips on parallel bars


A. 6 x 3 Forward Roll to Support

B. 3 x 5 L-sit Press to Shoulder Stand on Rings

C. 4 x 1:00 Ring Handstand Simulated Hold

D. 5 x 2 Legless Rope Climb


A. 1-3-5-8-6-4-2
Strict Pike/Box HSPU from a deficit

B. 4 x 12 Ring Push-ups with 3’s Hold at top of each rep with rings turned out

C. 7 x 3 strict pull up + 5 kipping pull up + 5 toes to bar

D. 3 x 10 Ring Chest Flys


A. 6 x 4 Band Resisted Dips on P-bars

B. Find 1 RM Strict dip on P-bars

C. 5 x 4 Pull-overs
5 Strict Chest to bar
2 bar Muscle-ups
0:15’s L-sit Hang

D. 5 x 0:15’s Dragon Flag Holds @ 45 Degrees


A. 8 x 3 Negative Strict Muscle-up ( increase weight each set)

each rep will start at the top

3’s in lock out
3’s in bottom of dip
3’s in false grip at top on chin-up
3’s at full extension of arms
Jump to top or have someone spot

B. 5 x 1 rope climb as high as possible

C. 7 x 1 Conan
Conan is ( Feet on box and body is in a pike position) walk on hands in a circle.
Left & right = 1 Rep

D. 4 x 1:00 Chinese Planks, Chest Facing Down

A. 3 x 8 Wide behind the neck Pull-ups

B. 6 x Parallette HSPU
3 strict
4 kipping

C. 7 x
25′ handstand Walk ( into wall)
0:30’s handstand Hold¬†

D. 4 x 1:00 Chinese Planks, Chest Facing Down (+35lbs on small of back)

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