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Gymnastics programming for the week of July 13 2015



A. Find 3 Rep Max Strict Dip on Rings
Pause for 3’s at top of each rep

B. Strict HSPU
1,2,3,4,5 reps
at 0″, 2″, 4″ deficit
Perform all reps at 0″ then 2″ then 4″
rest 90 sec between rest

C. 7 Pronated grip pull-overs (add ankle weights if you have them)

D. 4 x 0:30’s False Grip Holds on rings ( +25/15lbs)

E. 5 x 10 straight leg toes to bar + 0:10’s L-sit hold


A. Find 3RM Dip on matador use chains or vest

B. 7 Ring Push-ups (+15-25lbs) Vest x5

C. 3 strict pull up
4 kipping pull up

D. 20 Hollow Rocks x5


A. 3 Band resisted 1/2 strict muscle up(just the transition, no dip)
* use KB as anchor for band around neck

B. Handstand walking slalom
place cones in straight line 3 feet apart
zig zag between 2 cones, then rest
next set 4 cones
next set 6 cones
increase until failure 3 times

C. 0:30 hollow hold
20 V sits
0:30 supermans


A. 1:15’s Chest facing wall handstand hold 

remember to

Keep feet together
noes and toes only touch wall
legs are not allowed to touch
point toes
head neutral

B. 5 Swings in False gip on Rings x10

C. 120 single leg toes to bar (60 per leg)
3 reps @ 80%, 5 sets


A. 2 Press to handstand with max hold X12

B. 5 strict pull ups
3 bar muscle up
3 pull over
5 butterfly chest to bar
x4 sets, each set unbroken

C. 7 x 0:20’s Dragon Flag Holds @ 45 degrees


A. 5 Minutes to attempt or perform Bar muscle-ups

B. Weighted strict pull ups
rest as needed between sets

C. 7 ring push ups x5

D. 20 hollow rocks x 10
rest 0:30


A. handstand walking practice 10 min
start with chest facing wall , walk away 20-50′

B. 3 sets of 5 reps, L-sit Press to Shoulder Stand on Rings

C. 4 Alternating Arch chin-ups on Rings + 3 kipping muscle up x5

Points of performance:

Pull elbow straight down and hand to shoulder
keep the opposite arm straight ( or as straight as possible)
Use a false grip ( this allows stronger pull with lats, and helps avoid an arm bend)

D. 5 x 5 Ring Flys

E. 15 Overhead barbell Sit-ups ( incease weight each set)


A. 3 Band resisted Stict chin-ups ( supinated grip) X8

Single Loop Band on a heavy DumbBell/ anchor on floor
place behind back of neck
Band should be light
focus on speed of pull

* If Unable to perform Strict chin-ups, the perform band assisted Chin-ups

B. 2 feet on Box Muscle-up pull through with dip x 8

C. 3 Pike Parallette HSPU x8

D. 15 hollow rocks
15 sit ups
0:15 superman hold


25 Minute AMRAP

10 ALT pistols ( +10-25lbs)
40 chest facing wall Handstand shoulder taps
7 Ring dips( 2’s pause at top with rings turned out)
5-10 Straight leg toes to bar
0:10’s L-sit hold on Parallettes
5 Kipping HSPU ( 3-5″ deficit)
400M run


25 Minute AMRAP

5 Kipping CTB Pull-ups ( gymnastics Kip)
10 ALT pistols/or/ Air Squats
40 chest facing wall Handstand shoulder taps/or/ pike with feet on box
7 Ring Push-ups( 2’s pause at top with rings turned out)
10 ALT single leg toes to bar
0:10’s L-sit hold on Parallettes
5 Kipping HSPU/ or / DB shoulder Press
400M run

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