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Gymnastics programming for the week of Aug 03 2015



A. 8 x 3 Negative bar Muscle-ups

B. Find 5RM Strict Dips on parallel bars or dip station
*scale to feet on box dips

C. 6 x 4 rope chin-up

D. 3 x 10 Scapular pull up

E. 4 x 10 Push ups againts Heavy Band tension

F. 5 x

15 Tuck Crunches
15 Arch rocks :aka Superman rocks
rest 0:45’s 

A. Max Reps Chest Facing Wall HSPU 2″ Deficit

B. 8 x4 weight ring dips + 0:10’s Hold with arms locked and rings turned out at end of set

C. 8 x 0:15’s Front lever

D.  20 x 15’s /15’s one arm handstand Hold chest facing wall, feet should be together
Start with weaker arm frst,  then rest 30’s each set

 E. 5 x 35 Hollow rocks +35 Arch Rocks
rest :45 sec


A. 10 x 4 Conans
Place feet on box, have hands under hips 1/2 handstand, and walk 1 circle around the box left for first rep, and then right for the second rep.. etc

B. 12 x 0:12’s L-sit Holds on parallettes

C. 6 x 12 Alternating Pistols

A. 12 x 3 Strict banded Pull-ups

B. 5  x
1 – 3 Strict bar mucle-ups ( False grip required)
3 – 5 Kipping Bar muscle-ups

C. 5 x 0:20’s False Grip Hold on Rings +(25-45lbs)

D. 5 x 0:12’s L-sit hold on rings


 A. 10 x
3  Strict Pull-ups ( +Lbs) Drop weight
+ 4 Kipping Chest to bar Pull-ups ( Gymnastic kip) no weight

B. 8 x
5 Weighted Push-ups
 After each set Hold handstand for 0:25’s Chest Facing wall

C. 6 x 12 Support Shrugs on Single bar or paralel bar
Pause at top for 2’s


A. 4 x 2 Forward Rolls to support + 4 Kipping Muscle-ups

B. 8 x 20′ Handstand Walk + 4 Strict HSPU ( 2-4″ deficit) + 20 Shoulder taps
walk into wall to go unbroken

C. 3 x 12 Band resisted Dips on Rings

D. 7 x 0:15’s Dragon Flag Holds @45 degree


A. Strict Pull up
*scale to feet on box in pike

B.  8 x 3 / 3 Weighted Rope chin-ups,
3 with right hand on top, 3 with left hand on top

C. 4 x 5 Strict dips on Rings

D. 5 x
20 Tuck Crunches
+0:20’s Hollow Hold 

A. 10 x Ring Complex
2 Strict Muscle-ups
2 Kipping Muscle-ups
1 Forward Roll to support
2 L-sit press to shoulder Stand

Rest as needed between sets

B. 6 x 2 Seated legess rope climb

C. Handstand Walking Ladder, 1M, 2M, 3M 4M, for 10 Mins
Each successful attempt, increase distance by 1M, if you fail 3 times, then stop.
Rest as needed

D. 5 x 6 Around the Worlds
Right + left = 1 Rep

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