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Goal Setting for a Successful 2017


2017 Goal Setting

Today I want to talk to you about goal setting. Goal setting is used to maximize our overall performance, I’m not speaking about merely fitness performance but professional, personal and physical. When we goal set we are making our ideas, our hopes, our dreams, our thoughts and turning them into something tangible. By writing our goals down and displaying them where anybody can see, we become vulnerable. Our friends, the people we respect the most will see what we want and know if we are failing, but most importantly we ourselves will know. By setting good proper SMART goals we can begin crossing off our achievements and feel the pride and surge in confidence as we turn our dreams into reality. We are going to kick butt in 2017.
You are going to need a whiteboard, something you can display in home to look at everyday. Don’t put it in your home office if your goal is to start using your home office, display it in a room you use everyday so you can have a constant reminder of your successful milestone completions. Purchase colorful markers, allow this board to show your personality.
SMART goal setting is the basics of goal setting. These simple guidelines ensure you are planning for success. Your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-lined. Choose goals for your career, job promotion, new department, business milestones, writing a business plan, write down specifically what you want, then make a plan, write down all the things you need to do to achieve this goal, finally give yourself a deadline to accomplish each of those tasks. Here is where it gets fun, do you have enough time in the year to accomplish everything on the list? If not you need to establish realistic expectations of yourself and goal set for what you can do this year. It’s okay to have a BHAG(big hairy audacious goal), this is your focal point and maybe part of a 5 year or 10 year plan, but we need something you can earn this year, and a plan to do it.
Think about your CrossFit and where you would like to see yourself. What are your 1RM’s, times on your favourite named wods, how close are you to skills you want to develop? Write down everything you want to accomplish and analyze how far you are from those goals. For example I want a 345lbs clean and jerk but I can only lift 295lbs so my goal this year is to lift 300lbs, when I get it and I will get it I get to be excited and proud and re goal set for 305lbs, I get excited just thinking about it and how good it will feel to get closer to my BHAG of 345lbs. I also want to PR my FRAN time 2:45 seems like a legit goal that I will need to train my butt off for. As I analyze my goals I know that I can’t do it all at once but I can PR my Fran by the open in March then focus on Weightlifting to PR my Clean and Jerk by May. Realistically I can handle more fitness goals than that so I’ll compete again by the end of the summer as a masters athlete and podium!!! That leaves me much of the rest of the year to get closer to that 345!
Always establish personal goals, I think of these as relationship goals. How you treat the people around you allows you to be the type of person you are. Kind people choose to be kind and have relationships that reflect that. Make some plans for how you interact with the people around you, your top 5 and all the passerby’s. Choose actions that you will do with or for these people and allocate some time to dedicate to them. There will be steps you need to take, is watching TV interfering with your personal achievements? Maybe goalsetting to watch less programming is a vital step to you earning personal happiness?
I know I have merely scratched the surface of all the things you want. Write it all down, work your way through the process of goal setting and game planning a successful 2017. It takes me a solid week to establish proper SMART goals so take the time and think your way through it.
You have until Jan 8th to post a picture of your goal board to the community page. That can be the first thing you cross off your goals list this year.


Coach Curtis

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