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A note on suffering and how CrossFit prepares us for life.


Where would I be without CrossFit? If I never discovered this physically and mentally challenging thing called CrossFit? Would I own my own business? Would I be with an incredible successful 24-year-old woman? Would I have love and admiration from so many friends? Or would I be a normal 37-year-old man with the signs of a dad bod?
Here is what I know; When it came time to build a business so under budget that I couldn’t afford the renovations let alone pay the second months rent, I knew I could. I knew this because I did “Fight Gone Bad” in the morning yesterday and I dug deep, I crushed it! I knew I could because “Filthy Fifty” is fun for me, I can push hard and be uncomfortable, I handle anything. I once trained a full year to get a sub 4:00 “Fran”, I worked diligently to bring up my strict pull up strength and develop my butterfly pull up skill, I trained front squat, push press and thruster strength and developed muscles that can handle large unbroken sets. I did this all for a year so I could endure 3:25 of pure pain and misery. This pain and misery was real, when I was done, one moment after looking at my stop watch I crumbled to the floor burning agony shooting through my body. It took me 45 minutes to recover and another few hours until my body felt normal. But The whole time I was full of pride and contentment!! Pride that a full year of hard work had paid off!! I did what I set out to do. None of it was comfortable, none of it felt good except for knowing that I was working towards and accomplishing something great, something normal people can not handle.
CrossFit has changed me forever. There is nothing in life that I can not handle, I’m fully prepared for all of life’s hard times.
Because I can handle the intense emotions from suffering at the box and struggling to make gains. Because I suffer daily in hard workouts and always see myself through to completion of my reps. I can be a better friend and family to the people I care about. Sticking it out through hard times will never hurt as bad as an “Open Wod” or getting extra reps on “Hope”
I put CrossFit Above All else in my life because it makes everything easier. I can’t wait to crush a wod today!! I can’t wait to make it hurt so good! And I can not wait to see all of you do it every Friday during the “Open”. We are building ourselves and proving to ourselves that we can handle anything. We can handle the hard emotional beating from CrossFit and we can handle the physical discomfort from pushing our capacity to unexperienced limits. Because by handling this we prepare ourselves for life and everything that comes with it, the good and the bad.

Damn!! I’m excited for the “Open”, I hope you all are too!! Come enter the pain cave with me, we will be stronger more resilient and confident people for it.  Bring on the suffering!!!

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